Friday, May 04, 2007


DESPITE a massive 15.2% swing to the SNP, Labour's Karen Whitefield has held on to the constituency of Airdrie and Shotts. Labour's majority is 1,448. The number of rejected ballot papers was 1,506. Labour hold Airdrie and Shotts despite huge swing to SNP
In Aberdeen Central, Labour's Lewis Macdonald held onto his seat ahead of the SNP's Karen Shirron by 382 votes - with 796 votes rejected. Aberdeen votes re-count under way

"Insurgents in Iraq are right to try to force US troops out of the country, a former British army commander has said. Gen Sir Michael Rose also told the BBC's Newsnight programme that the US and the UK must "admit defeat" and stop fighting "a hopeless war" in Iraq." Insurgents 'right to take on US'

"When the Cuban people got sick and tired of the US puppet Batista and replaced him with Castro, Castro refused to sell Cuban produce to US corporations at the steep discounts Batista had. This affected companies like PepsiCo and United Fruit. Castro also kicked the CIA out of Cuba, and shut down the casinos operated by American mafioso. The US invaded to return a US puppet to the throne and lost, then blockaded Cuba to starve it into accepting a US puppet. That was when Castro, who had wanted good relations with the US, turned to the USSR for support. So Castro's Cuba did not start out communist; US foreign policy made them that way." Would Somebody Finally Tell Me Why Cuba Is My Enemy?

Probes find 50 Afghan civilians killed in US-led action

"Many of these mental health experts have concluded that the government's account is so obviously false that people who believe the government's version are in psychological denial." - George Washington's Blog


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