Thursday, May 03, 2007

Send an e-mail telling the truth about the UK

The British Library is compiling a "21st century Domesday Book" - a snapshot of the United Kingdom seen through e-mails. The library is asking everyone in the UK to forward an e-mail representing their life or interests. People can submit a specially-composed message. Each eligible e-mail received in May will be recorded and used to create the library's E-Mail Britain archive. The e-mail address for those who wish to take part is

How about an e-mail that states something like this:
My life is affected by the feudal system in Britain today. The elite do not allow true democracy.

1. The CIA faked evidence in the Lockerbie bomb case. ( aangirfan: The CIA and the Lockerbie Bomb )
2. 9 11 was an inside-job. The security services have a long history of involvement in acts of terror in Europe and elsewhere. ( aangirfan: 9 11 Revealed - The Daily Mail aangirfan: 7 July London bombs, Gladio and freemasons )

3. Saddam Hussein worked for the CIA. (aangirfan: Saddam worked for the CIA )

4. There is massive vote fraud in UK elections. Several top politicians have links to the security services. (aangirfan: Possible UK vote fraud? Some figures. Vote Fraud in Scotland and England

5. The mainstream media is heavily influenced by the security services, whose agenda involves helping the elite to remain rich and powerful. ( aangirfan: The media works for the CIA )
6. 25% of Scotland's children live in poverty. ( Poverty: the damning facts )


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