Sunday, May 06, 2007

Out of the shadows of fear

"'This is Scotland's Florida on a vast scale.'... More than 100,000 votes, 10% of the poll, were being classified as spoiled. As anexperienced election analyst, Carman, an American, along with Dr Murray Leith from Paisley University, both agreed on the similarities between the Scottish parliamentary reject papers and the design flaws of the Florida "butterfly" ballot paper that gave George Bush the White House in 2000 once the Republicans had overcome the US Supreme Court." The screw up
Sunday Herald editorial about Scotland's election:
"The election result represents a triumph of hope over fear, however slim; a welcome reminder that scare tactics such as those employed by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown can often have the opposite effect to that intended if they seek to undermine self-confidence; and an inspiring two fingers to tabloid newspapers (and yes, we mean The Daily Record and the Scottish editions of The Sun and the Daily Mail) whose attempts to terrify the electorate into believing a vote for the SNP would spell the end of everything were as patronising as they were pathetic.
"Last Thursday... was the first step out of the shadows of fear and negativity." The progressive forces in Scottish politics must come together. Democracy demands it
According to the Congressional report published in 1976: "The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets." -You are a Mind Control subject
"The Sun should be ashamed of its polling day front page depicting a hangman's noose as the penalty for voting SNP. This time, it was The Sun wot really lost it. But look at the councils of Scotland. Labour have been reduced to just two: Glasgow and Lanarkshire. The SNP have returned 360 councillors, 100 more than their target...
"...The only realistic, democratically credible solution is a coalition between the SNP, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens. They have the numbers (the crucial 65 seats); they have the policies (anti-Trident, local income tax, anti-nuclear power, fiscal autonomy), and they have the "moral authority" - By Iain Macwhirter - Our Revolution
"NatWest obliged by helping Slobodan Milosevic sell off the post and telephone system, PTT, and obtained a contract to advise on debt management and then tried the same trick on the Serbian electricity industry (the bits that suvived NATO bombing)." - Lady Dame Pauline Neville Jones Fan club - recent sighting
Liam O'Kelly : "Good Afternoon. The more Tony Blair and Reid try to resist a public enquiry, the more the public should demand one. We know the extremes past politicians and MI5 and the Government have gone to defy democratic opposition. We know what Sir John Stevens of the Metropolitan Police Chief and John Stalker said about collusion between MI5 and loyalist terrorists in the murder of UK citizens is true and not only that, but they colluded with Loyalist killers and in one instance paid £80,000 of taxpayers money.We also know that bomb warnings in the past were ignored for political ends and we also know that the British Government in collusion with the UVF bombed and killed 34 shoppers in Dublin and Monaghan." BBC 4 Any Answers broadcasts unwelcome truths, exposes state terrorism.
"Tyler Drumheller, head of the CIA’s Europe Division when he retired in 2004, says Tenet’s assertion that he didn’t know that a key intelligence source for the attack on Iraq was bogus is "a lie,” according to a report by Jeff Stein, Congressional Quarterly National Security editor." Newsmax
"Cohen is in effect announcing that the American government will turn over yet another part of its most important military secret technology to Israel (and thus, to China, as Israel immediately peddles all secret American military technology to China)." -permanent link
"Intervention followed well-established patterns. Soften the target nation with sanctions and cripple the economy. Blame the resulting economic disaster on government 'economic mismanagement,' in order to build support for the opposition. Fund the opposition party and press, as well as anti-government NGO’s, to tilt the democratic process in a direction favorable to Western interests. If the opposition lacks sufficient support to come to power through democratic means, then encourage and sponsor 'regime change' through mass action, as in Yugoslavia, Georgia and the Ukraine." -The Battle over Zimbabwe’s Future

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