Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lugovoi and alleged MI6 plots against Putin


Are Blair and certain Jewish oligarchs conspiring against Putin?
Who killed Litvinenko in London?

Was it Russian 'spy' Lugovoi, or someone else?

"Mr Lugovoi said that either British foreign intelligence agency MI6, the Russian mafia, or fugitive Kremlin opponent Boris Berezovsky were behind the killing. Mr Lugovoi said that, like Mr Litvinenko, Mr Berezovsky was working for the British secret services, but that the two men had a falling out and that MI6 could no longer control Mr Litvinenko." - UK 'behind Litvinenko poisoning'

"Mr Lugovoi claimed that Mr Litvinenko and exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky had both been working for the UK secret services and that the former had tried to persuade him to become involved with British intelligence." - Litvinenko suspect: MI5 'tried to recruit me'

Berezovsky - "In its Dec. 30, 1996 issue, Forbes Magazine published an extensive article called 'Godfather of the Kremlin?,' in which it charged Berezovsky with responsibility for the 1995 killing of popular television journalist Vladimir Listev.
"The magazine also accused Berezovsky of having numerous mafia connections and embezzling $50 million collected by his company from thousands of Russians who purchased AVVA shares-allegedly to start producing a new passenger car.
"Boris Berezovsky has admitted that he is plotting the violent overthrow of the Russian government and was 'warned' by Jack Straw, (who was subsequently sacked from his position as British Foreign Secretary) not to 'abuse' his asylum status in Britain." Article here
"The role of Boris Berezovsky in the Beslan massacre has never been made clear - but there is a growing belief that Litvinenko's silence was sought by people other than Putin..." Matrioshka - The Russian enigma, a riddle inside a...


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