Saturday, May 05, 2007


The U.S. government has proposed to make Vicenza, Italy, the largest US military site in Europe, but the people of Vicenza, and all of Italy, have sworn it will never happen. - Anti-U.S. Uproar Sweeps Italy

How elections are fixed?
"As a further indication that Sarkozy's neo-con media friends, especially those at Le Figaro, are skewing the opinion polls, Sarkozy is still running ahead of Royal although a clear majority of centrist candidate Francois Bayrou's supporters are favoring Royal in the May 6 run-off and far right-wing candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen has urged his supporters to abstain in the run-off. As with the U.S. and Mexican presidential elections, the polls are being artificially fixed to reflect the upcoming skewed exit polls, a major component of the neo-cons' main contrivance to maintain political control - 'election engineering.'" May 3, 2007

"The Zionist plan of replicating the success (at least, for Zionists) of Iraq, in Sudan, continues." permanent link


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