Sunday, May 06, 2007


"Senator McCain has hit upon a solution to all the Republican party's woes: a nuclear war with Iran" - Guardian Unlimited Comment is free Saved by the bomb

"The new US consul in Scotland, questioned the effect of separation on American energy firms and criticised the SNP’s anti-Nato policy." US consul questions wisdom of Scottish independence

Oil, oil revenues, Trident, military bases... the CIA is no doubt keen to see Labour continue to rule Scotland.

There was something fishy in the Scottish Highlands and Islands regional list ballot, which gave Labour 4 MSPs and the SNP none. The SNP demanded a recount. The final result saw Labour get three, the Tories two and the SNP two. -Grandfather was SNP election hero

American involvement? "The tampering allegations centre on delays in bringing ballot boxes from Arran to Irvine, in the Cunninghame North constituency, due to the boat carrying them breaking down. When they arrived, there were allegedly 100 more votes in the boxes than had been recorded officially on the island, while some of the papers were wet, raising suspicions that boxes might have been opened and ballots interfered with.... An international observer, Robert Richie, of the US-based Fair Vote organisation, called the poll anomalies "totally unacceptable"." Labour bid to overturn SNP win

Labour to challenge poll result

Labour may challenge SNP vote
Cunninghame North
SNP 9,295 votes +3.6%
Labour 9,247 votes -8.3%
Conservative 5,466 votes -1.3%
Campbell Martin Independent 4,423 votes +14.6%
Liberal Democrat 1,810 votes -2.1%


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