Monday, May 14, 2007



Cheney Laughs About His Unspoken CFR Directorship

OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Tony Blair - clever actor and conman confuses the public?
"By 49% to 46% they think, overall, that he has been a good prime minister... By 58% to 17% people think Britain is a worse place to live than 10 years ago." - Poll is grim reading for Brown

According to the Sunday Times, 13 May 2007, "Douglas Alexander is under renewed pressure to resign as Scottish Secretary after it emerged his officials blocked the release of 140,000 spoilt ballot papers that marred last week's Scottish parliamentary elections."

Evidence of Vote Rigging: Scotland to remain Corrupt Britannia's Colony?

Have the Scottish elections been rigged? (Updated)

Unlike England, Scotland need have no fears about energy supplies. Scotland has oil and in Scotland there is a vast potential for tidal energy. Scottishpower and the Norwegian company Statoil are to join forces in a tidal energy project. This project could provide a third of Scotland's energy needs. The Pentland Firth is a probable site for tidal energy. ( See - Sunday Times 13 May 2007)

Iran president on tour of Persian Gulf states, seeks security pact


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