Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Mai Lai Massacre, 1968. Ronald Haeberle's photos showed hundreds of villagers who had been killed by U.S. troops. The dead were mainly women and children, including infants.

Mossad Agent Pearlman Releases Phony "Al-Qaeda Tape"

Newspapers report that French police have arrested a group of 3 who had plans to kidnap girls aged 5 – 9. A cellar has been discovered. The police are calling it Dutroux II. -Suspected French paedophiles held French police break pedophile plot

Madeleine, the Media and the Money - still a mystery

aangirfan: Marc Dutroux
US school students don’t count in international class

UK Health Service collapsing - who gains? The consortium trading as Octagon Healthcare and headed by Richard Jewson, the multi-millionaire heir to the Jewson family timber fortune, geared up the hospital project's borrowing in 2003 from £200m to £306m in a bid to make refinancing gains of £116m. Of that, £82m cascaded back to the consortium, helping the partners increase the rate of returns on their investments from under 20% to 60%. - Barclays in NHS rip-off scandal This is Money

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