Monday, May 07, 2007


Letters to The Herald - LibDems have duty to join SNP in a coalition

"Blame violence and terrorism on the resistance, wear the uniforms of the resistance, and create anti-resistance sentiment in the general populace, and then whatever draconian response you come up with will have widespread sympathy. One sees this now in recent terror attacks in Algeria. Following conveniently on the heels of the Pentagon’s formation of AFRICOM." - A Revenge Tragedy

"A new book in Germany is casting light on Israel's covert program to provoke violence among Muslims in Western Europe and engage in "falseflag" operations in order for Western governments to blame Muslim radicals." - German Book Accused ZYD MOSSAD Of Inciting Violence In Europe - Repost

The Al-Quds Al-Arabi daily reported that hardline Jews plotted to assassinate Chirac because of his support for Islam and Arabs. "A number of Israeli and Russian Jews are trying to assassinate Chirac to create insecurity in France... The extremist Jews are in close connection with the rightist Christians in France. Recently Chirac escaped an attempt on his life... In close connection with the neo-Nazi organizations, the extremist Jews have planned... to create disorder in the country." - Special Dispatch Series - No. 563

"The founder of an international child protection group claimed yesterday that corruption and indifference among the Portuguese authorities hampered the country’s investigation of paedophiles and child traffickers. Homayra Sellier, of Innocence in Danger, which was launched in 1999 on Unesco’s initiative, speculated that Madeleine was taken either by an individual with mental health problems or by an organised child-trafficking gang." - Balding man seen dragging blonde girl towards marina

Portugal shamed by child sex - [Sunday Herald]

BBC NEWS World Europe Portugal rocked by child sex scandal

''It was in this seemingly normal family that slavery was taking place. And people who knew about it chose to keep mum about it,'' - Of human bondage


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