Monday, May 21, 2007



77 London Bombing CCTV analysis British False Flag Op

Military studies in the Jihad against the Tyrants - get your copy and join Kalid Khaliq in the slammer

"It is from the somewhat drab streets of the London Borough of Barnet that hundreds of thousands of people in the country's largest city, Karachi, receive their orders." - Running Pakistan's biggest city - from London

Four former policemen in Mumbai are given six year jail sentences for their role in the 1993 bombings there. - Jail for Mumbai blasts policemen

"Indian industry is going to have to wait a bit longer for better transport links and reliable power supplies. Combine that with an education system that is failing to deliver the qualified workers that business needs and potentially you have serious long term economic problems.
India is growing at over 9% a year but it is competing head to head against China - which is growing at over 11%."
What is holding India's economy back

"It would appear that this general unease amongst Lib Dem members and supporters isn’t solely isolated to up north but throughout Scotland... The Scottish party is doing Ming’s bidding so he can get a job for himself with Brown. Vote Lib Dem, get Labour (and a job for Ming) is hardly a message to inspire support." - Lib Dem supporters are revolting

"It is a matter of firm historical fact that the current Jewish citizens of Israel have no ethnic or historical ties to Jerusalem. They are Ashkenazi Jews, which means their roots are Turkic/Mongolian and not Semitic. The Sephardim Jews, who are descendents of the original occupiers of the Holy Land, do not like their converted brothers and there are very few of them in Israel today.

"It is the Ashkenazi who poured into Poland and Russia and then tried to infiltrate into Europe in the 1920s. It is the Ashkenazi who then flooded into Jerusalem, inflicting a wave of terror on the British military stationed there and on the Arabs who had lived there for two thousand years.

"It is the Ashkenazi who have spied on and betrayed America, first to Soviet Russia, where they ran the country until recently, and then to Israel." - Holocaustianity Rules:Ashkenazi vs. Sephardic Jews


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