Tuesday, May 01, 2007

After the Reich

BP chief executive Lord Browne has confirmed that he had a relationship with Mr Jeff Chevalier. Lord Brown has said: "I deny categorically any allegations of improper conduct relating to BP." BP chief executive Browne resigns
"His best estimate is that some three million Germans died unnecessarily after the official end of hostilities. A million soldiers vanished before they could creep back to the holes that had been their homes. The majority of them died in Soviet captivity (of the 90,000 who surrendered at Stalingrad, only 5,000 eventually came home) but, shamingly, many thousands perished as prisoners of the Anglo-Americans. Herded into cages along the Rhine, with no shelter and very little food, they dropped like flies. Others, more fortunate, toiled as slave labour in a score of Allied countries, often for years. Incredibly, some Germans were still being held in Russia as late as 1979. The two million German civilians who died were largely the old, women and children: victims of disease, cold, hunger, suicide - and mass murder." - Nigel Jones review of After the Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles MacDonogh - What Happened To The Germans After Wwii?

Truth or disinformation?
"Mohammad Sidique Khan, the leader of the 7/7 bombers and his accomplice, Shezhad Tanweer, were secretly taped in early 2004 meeting Omar Khyam, a terrorist who was planning to use fertiliser bombs to cause carnage in the UK, including a possible attack on the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent."
Terror-cell bombers met five times before carnage of 7/7
"Anyone looking impartially at the evidence would realise that there was no conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK." ...and the fuckwhits who run the terrists expect you to believe all this ...

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