Saturday, April 07, 2007


Sri Lanka roadside bomb kills seven

"Although Israel has been supplying weapons and training to Sri Lanka's government to be used against the Tamil Tigers, it has been playing a double game in also supplying Cambodian weapons to the Tamils."

Pink List: Out in the USA

Secret paper reveals Labour's lies over ID cards

A poll for the Scottish Mail on Sunday shows the SNP party racing into a record 12 % lead
SNP sparks Scottish poll crisis for Labour

Would independence work for Scotland?
Yes 79.2%
No 20.8%

Children of the Tower Block

"Psychiatric illnesses are on the rise in Britain. GPs say there is a mental health component to at least half of all the cases they see, while one in four of us are using specialist mental health services at any one time." Inside the violent, chaotic world of our mental wards

"I cannot remember the last country I visited where there was such an overwhelming urge to make you feel welcome, to roll out the Persian carpet, to include you in the family gathering." Tony Wheeler reveals the real face of Iran

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