Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech - The USA means madness, mayhem and murder.

American kids on YouTube are often obsessed with violence and murder.


Reportedly, the Pentagon wants Americans to love guns and violence.
Reportedly, during the Vietnam War, soldiers were shown violent films, in order to toughen them up.


"Media violence can lead to aggressive behavior in children.

"Over 1,000 studies confirm this link."


Peter Mathys: 'Americans are obsessed with themselves and have lost the ability to behave in a socially acceptable fashion towards each other and the rest of the world. It seems they have lost humanity. This latest shooting is just a symptom of that. But why all the fuss? For the last four years, Americans have been carrying out shootings like this every day in Iraq. They should be used to it by now.' Your Views: The US campus shooting



April 2007: A gunman shoots dead at least 20 people at the campus of Virginia Tech university in Virginia.

October 2006: A 32-year-old gunman shoots dead at least five girls at an Amish school in Pennsylvania, before killing himself

September 2006: Gunman in Colorado shoots and fatally wounds a teenage schoolgirl, then kills himself; two days later a teenager kills the headteacher of a school in Cazenovia, Wisconsin

November 2005: Student in Tennessee shoots dead an assistant principal and wounds two other administrators

March 2005: Minnesota schoolboy kills nine, then shoots himself

May 2004: Four people injured in shooting at a school in Maryland

April 2003: Teenager shoots dead head-teacher at a Pennsylvania school, then kills himself

March 2001: Pupil opens fire at a school in California, killing two students

February 2000: Six-year-old girl shot dead by classmate in Michigan

November 1999: Thirteen-year-old girl shot dead by a classmate in New Mexico

May 1999: Student injures six pupils in shoot-out in Georgia

April 1999: Two teenagers shoot dead 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves at Columbine School in Colorado

June 1998: Two adults hurt in shooting by teenage student at high school in Virginia

May 1998: Fifteen-year-old boy shoots himself in the head after taking a girl hostage

May 1998: Fifteen-year-old shoots dead two students in school cafeteria in Oregon

April 1998: Fourteen-year-old shoots dead a teacher and wounds two students in Pennsylvania

March 1998: Two boys, 11 and 13, kill four girls and a teacher in Arkansas

December 1997: Fourteen-year-old boy kills three students in Kentucky

October 1997: Sixteen-year-old boy stabs mother, then shoots dead two students at school in Mississippi, injuring several others

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