Sunday, April 15, 2007



Devonport, near Plymouth, to have nuclear submarines? Revealed: the MOD plan to move Trident

"A party official posed as a member of the public in an election broadcast."
Labour on the rack over fake broadcast

Labour's own goal

AL Kennedy told a German newspaper that Blair is a "deranged war criminal" and that Muslims were being marked out as criminals.

"The phenomenon of Neets (young people "not in education, employment or training") is on the rise. More than 1.2 million 16- to 24-year-olds in England, Scotland and Wales - almost a fifth of the age group - are spending their time doing literally nothing, according to a study published last week." Meet the Neets

Scepticism mars Nigerian election race

Insane! Stop the Mental Health Bill

Google flexes its advertising muscle with $3bn takeover

Racism and assaults soar in English schools

"The bigger the school, the worse its discipline." Government by control freaks
Do not vote Liberal-Democrat.
Malcolm Bruce is one of those who have defended Paul Wolfowitz.
Malcolm Bruce; Constituency: Gordon, Scotland; Born in Birkenhead; Education: Wrekin College, Shropshire; divorced in 1992, and married Rosemary Vetterlein; Has voted in 53% of votes in parliament - well below average amongst MPs. How have they voted? Military action against Iraq - 17.2.1998: Malcolm Bruce voted to allow UK military action against Iraq if peace bid failed.


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