Sunday, April 01, 2007


British sailors captured by accident?
"This of course assumes that Albion did not have a perfidious intention to deliberately provoke by dragging their (temporarily) unprotected boarding party like coat tails across the ever vigilant path of the Iranian coastal forces...
"It assumes that the Royal Navy routinely and negligently leave their boarding parties unprotected, their Lynx helicopters inadequately fuelled, that radar operators do not have their eyes glued to the movement of Iranian coastal vessels." The Case of the Missing Lynx - How World Wars kick off
USA targetting the Shias?
"'I was told that within twenty-four hours they were being offered weapons and money by people presenting themselves as representatives of the Lebanese government’s interests—presumably to take on Hezbollah,' Crooke said... Saudi money was involved in what became known as the Iran-Contra scandal, and a few of the players back then—notably Prince Bandar and Elliott Abrams—are involved in today’s dealings." The Redirection
'US ready to strike Iran on Good Friday' JERUSALEM POST STAFF AND AP

"George alleged that the latest in child trafficking was the selling of human parts, particularly the kidney and liver..." Airlines in Nigeria warned against child trafficking

Reichstag Fire - David Rovics

Scottish elections: the key seats -,,2045445,00.html


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