Monday, April 09, 2007


"During a family holiday on the Mexican Riviera, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, went through a 'rebirthing ritual.'" Tony Blair and Wife Perform Chant Ritual To Lizards/Pyramid In Mexico
"More and more people write to me and seek an explanation of what has happened to a close family member or friend, who all of a sudden has gone 'mad'. These people have practised some kind of yoga, meditation, rebirthing, healing, reiki, channeling, dowsing, or some other spiritual method available today... These people oscillate between being manic and depressed." POSSESSION - Superstition or Reality? by Marja S
"The two terror campaigns that Belgium witnessed in the early 1980s were apparently carried out by a group of Belgians operating as a secret army, sponsored by ...NATO...'A private structure existed in Italy which was composed of military people and citizens who co-operated, with the express goal of influencing democracy through non-democratic means'. To achieve this goal, the group used terrorist attacks organised by neo-fascist movements. "
Iran releases rebuttal footage of sailors playing chess

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