Monday, April 30, 2007


View of the Boshporus from the Marmara Hotel, Taksim Square. Photo by Bertil Videt

"Evidently these guys were adolescent fantasists motivated by some curious quasi religious/political ideology ,who had malign intent, but were hardly trained terrorists - they represented, compared with the threat of the IRA and UDF over 30 years a negligible risk to public safety. The level of knowledge, expertise and experience of making bombs that was exposed in court suggested they were more of a threat to themselves than the larger public." - 5 Wannabe "bombers" found guilty - surprise,surprise..the Crown says they had a connection to Al Quaeda

Deborah J. (Jeane) Palfrey - Long Hot Summer in Washington forecast

"Former CIA agent, Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt names the men who killed Kennedy."

"The Zogby survey found that 59% of American Muslims have at least an undergraduate education, making them the most highly educated group in America." Bush and the Muslims

"Australia's government and close ally the United States behaved in a tyrannical way and for 'evil purpose' by jailing militants at Guantanamo Bay, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said on Monday." Reuters

"Drug-resistant TB is already common in Asia, and some eastern European countries have the highest rates of XDR-TB. Cheap travel and increased migration ensure that it will spread." - A catastrophe in waiting

"We’re going to be seeing a lot of anti-democracy demonstrations in Turkey which purport to be pro-democracy demonstrations. The particular Turkish spin is promoting a ‘secular’ government, but the real point is to protect the establishment/ military/ ‘deep state’/ Zionist/ organized crime interests that have been running Turkey for so many years." permanent link


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