Sunday, April 22, 2007



The nephew of UK Home Secretary John Reid has pleaded guilty to possessing two offensive weapons... "James McGowan, 18, was arrested last Saturday outside a social club after a fight broke out. Police searched his VW Golf and found a Marksman knife with a Stanley blade attached to it. He also had a telescopic baton stuffed down his sock... The father-in-law of the Home Secretary's son Mark was arrested in November over a £280,000 drug bust. Ronnie Campbell, 47, was charged after a police swoop in Lanarkshire."

Scottish elections. How will you vote on May 3?
Conservative 4.4%
Labour 4.9%
LibDem 3.4%
SNP 83.3%
Other 4.0%

Expect massive postal vote fraud in the Scottish elections - Police alert on election fraud
Ghost’ voters threaten to skew elections -

"France’s trains run far and fast. Towns and cities, parks and museums are beautiful — as are even motorway service stations. The public realm in France has taste and bravura. In Britain it is grotty, largely because it is under the aegis of Whitehall and Westminster. Europeans used to fight to get into Britain’s NHS hospitals. Not any more. Today the flight from these demoralised, MRSA-ridden places to France’s immaculate hospitals is becoming a flood."

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