Saturday, April 07, 2007


The Beatles With Tony Sheridan

US Aiding Al Qaeda Affiliated Group In Iran?

SNP campaign manager Angus Robertson said: "I'm afraid that this old poll is well past its sell by date, as three polls conducted at the same time and two after it all show the SNP with a clear lead."And a new poll-of-polls analysis for the last two months shows the SNP 6 points ahead on both questions, which is the strongest pre-election position the SNP have ever enjoyed."
Oooh-er, Missus!

Timber Smuggling from Indonesia Rises

Indonesia, East Timor, Panama, CIA

"Lilly allegedly gave kickbacks to doctors and improperly promoted the drug to nursing homes as a sedative." Atypical antipsychotics - "off label" marketing and mega claims with US pharma companies

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