Wednesday, March 28, 2007

War on Terror

"Reagan declared that he would confront 'the evil scourge of terrorism... So, the people in office in the 1980s and many in office today, in carrying out the 'war on terror' were committing some of the worst and most abominable terrorist acts in history. Nicaragua is just the tip of the iceberg. The Reagan administration practically destroyed the rest of Central America, killing innocent people in the hundreds of thousands. It's possible the region may never recover because there has been too widespread devastation. Elsewhere in the world, in Angola and Mozambique, the U.S. financed the deaths of a million and a half people, 850,000 of them infants and young children, according to UNICEF." Column: US is world's leading terrorist

"If Margaret Thatcher taught Scots why we needed devolution, then Tony Blair has taught us why we need independence." Everyone's talking about the SNP!

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