Saturday, March 10, 2007


The front of the plane, business class, carried members of the Australian embassy's most senior aid, information and police officers... Also in business class was Federal Agent Brice Steele, who was building an enviable record as an investigator with a career that included work on child-sex tourism in the Asia-Pacific and transnational narcotics operations... He was an expert on the Indonesian extremist group Jemaah Islamiah. Anatomy of a disaster
Blair's New Labour Britain.
"Unemployment is high, and 22% of children and 25% of pensioners in this part of the world live in poverty. Two of England's 40 most deprived council wards are in the town. A startling 48% of the town's "vulnerable" population - lone parents, pensioners, people with mental health needs - live in housing that is not considered decent for habitation." Neglected or deserted, seaside awaits turn of the tide
UK Conservative Party RIP

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