Sunday, March 18, 2007


Paul Joseph Watson Wins Strike the Root Liberty Internet Award

Russia and Algeria, recently signed an agreement to coordinate investment and marketing and the transfer of technology - then Algeria gets its buses and workers bombed ."
Russian Roulette in the Middle East - Putin stirs up the hornet's nest

"Far from bringing 'freedom' from bureaucracy, neoliberal management policies have increased social inequality, plunged the poorest in society into misery, and fuelled the rampant concentration of wealth in the hands of a new super elite. The Trap - a new documentary from Adam Curtis explores ...

Marilyn Monroe
London Independent

9 11
Painful Deceptions (Part 1)
Painful Deceptions (Part 2)
Painful Deceptions (Part 3)

It's Time for a Greener Scotland
Salmond predicts SNP election success

The Americans planned to make him a suicide-bomber

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