Monday, March 05, 2007


"The Nationalists... described the report's methods as 'absurd', pointing out that it had failed to allocate billions of pounds of North Sea oil revenues to Scotland... 'Only this week, the world-ranking economist Professor Andrew Hughes Hallett scotched the myth of the subsidised Scot.' SNP finance chiefs themselves insist that, far from being in deficit, Scots are currently subsidising the rest of the UK, thanks to the increase in tax receipts caused by rising oil prices."
Economists say independence would cost Scots billions

"Mr Salmond... pointed to the support of business leaders such as Crawford Beveridge, vice president of American computer firm Sun Microsystems, Kwik-Fit founder Sir Tom Farmer, Ben Thomson, the chief executive of investment bank Noble, and Bill Samuel, former RBS economist. He added: 'The growing numbers in the business community who are positive about the SNP and independence shows support is gathering ground significantly. And poll information indicating an SNP lead among AB voters, as well as every other category, points to very substantial business support."' Murray condemns independence plan

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