Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jobs for the boys

Senior minister will defy Blair over Trident

Jobs for the boys
"Between 1960 and today, the gap between Britain and Ghana has more than doubled, so that the average Briton is now 92 times richer than the average Ghanaian. Today, according to the World Bank, aid accounts for 16 per cent of Ghana's national income and covers fully 73 per cent of government expenditure. (I am sure the donors were delighted to hear that $20 million of this year's handout was being blown on a year-long party.)... As soon as he had been brought into government after the country's first general election in 1951, Nkrumah had increased government expenditure by a factor of ten and expanded the senior civil service by a factor of five. It was a classic case of jobs for the boys... Collier cites a recent survey that tracked money released by Chad's Ministry of Finance to fund rural health clinics. Just 1 per cent reached its intended destination. The rest was raked off by one corrupt official after another....." Niall Ferguson

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