Saturday, March 03, 2007

Inside Job


Israel, Lockerbie, Palestinians, dollars...

"What would the Israeli Mossad be willing to do to protect billions of dollars in American aid each year? Would the Israelis be willing to silence our US soldiers permanently? Do you remember the Pan Am 747 blown up over Scotland? How about the Gander Charter Flight [of returning American soldiers] which crashed [mysteriously] in Nova Scotia? Would the Mossad kill all those people for a few billion dollars?..."

"Ideas Have Consequences. The dead ten-year-old Palestinian boy and his family reduced to ashes, and the young Palestinian woman with her head summarily blown off for talking back to an Israeli are the consequences of the media-induced idea that Israel is our noble friend and bastion of 'democracy' in the Middle East." ADV Directory National Alliance Main Page Pr...

Lockerbie - time to make Iran the scapegoat?

Hugo Chavez tells Latin America that 9/11 was an inside job

Local News Covers Arizona 9/11 Truth Convergence

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