Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Asian haze; Asian brown cloud

Photo by Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams. User:__earth. Taken on September 29 2006. From PNB Darby Park. See blog for further information [1] [2]

"Smog and air pollution from Asian cities have intensified storms over the Pacific Ocean, which will result in increased warming of the Arctic, scientists have warned. They report that the number of storm clouds in the region has increased by up to a half over the last 20 years as rapidly industrialised cities in countries such as India and China burn more coal as they grow."
Asia smog fuelling Pacific storms 'will melt Arctic ice'

"'Asian brown cloud'... This 10 million square mile, three kilometre thick, fluctuating haze of man-made pollutants is now spreading across the whole Asian continent and blocking out up to 15% of the sunlight." You thought it was wet? Wait until the Asian brown cloud hits town ...

"Flights have been cancelled and earlier this week a plane skidded off a runway in eastern Borneo because of poor visibility. 'It's dark and gloomy outside,' said Sri Laraswati, a hotel worker in the Indonesian city of Pontianak on Borneo. 'Most people are wearing masks. People are coughing and staying inside. Visibility is a few hundred metres at best.'"

"Malaysia: the worst hit place was Kuching....The worst affected area in Peninsular Malaysia is Johor Bahru which recorded an API of 150 (Unhealthy) on October 7 and October 8. For now, many people are wearing masks to prevent themselves from inhaling excessive amounts of haze. On October 7, visibility in parts of East Malaysia fell to 300 metres."

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