Friday, February 16, 2007

Truth and fiction

Armour piercing weapons.
"Hi, all the marines suspect the Mossad is behind this just like the USS LIBERTY was attacked by them in 1968? Now why would Isreal "false flag attack" the US? Answer to be found in their desire to see us attack Iran..."
Marines suspect Mossad supplying Armor piercing weapons, Not IRAN ...

Cults and religions run by the security services; sexual abuse and blackmail
Monarch Chapter 5B: MKULTRA Cults and SRA

aangirfan: Christian evangelicals and the CIA

RIP Ming
Sir Ming launches broadside at Salmond
Robertson calls for SNP - Lib Dem coalition

The Rise in Cancer -- Party 1
The Rise in Cancer -- Part Two

BBC and 9 11.

"The BBC has produced two versions of its documentary on 9/11, one being a balanced example of investigative journalism and the other a sophisticated hit piece. According to a leading UK 9/11 truth activist, recently appointed US chief Garth Ancier is pressuring the corporation to air the version that portrays the 9/11 truth movement as a fringe cult of mythology in a bid to protect BBC's American market."

"We report in The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy there is no factual basis to believe any of the conspiracy theories at all." - the BBC's Gavin Esler BBC NEWS World Americas JFK: The simple truth

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