Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Terror in Algeria by the security services

Swiss democracy

Our Message to youTube

June deadline in Lockerbie review

Are they going to frame Iran?
The Lockerbie Cover Up (Part I - Iran Strikes Back)

UK police
Three PCs on patrol at night in towns

Don't believe the official 'conspiracy' theory

Security services dirty tricks

Yanks go home? CIA terror coming to Spain?
Spanish Left Wants US Bases Out

"The key Zionist goal, as stated well by the Israeli spy caught on September 11, is to make Israel’s peculiar problems, caused by its own wrongdoing, into universal problems: “Your problems are our problems.” Thus the extension of the ‘war on terror’, Netanyahu’s idea, to plague the whole world, and the preoccupation with Europe’s phony ‘demographic problem’."

US Criticism of Israel

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