Sunday, February 25, 2007



Microsoft first - then Google wants world domination

Tessa Jowell's disgraced husband moves in

"In 1973 Lord Lambton, a junior defence minister, was forced to resign following photographic evidence of his involvement with prostitutes and drugs. Scotland Yard enquiries into a call girl ring revealed Jellicoe's name. He had used a different name when he entertained call girls in his Onslow Square flat, but his name was on the entrance."
76% of Scots would rather see money for Trident spent on public services.
Rally hears calls for 'son of Trident' to be axed
'A shocking new report reveals that 910,000 Scots live in poverty – including 25% of the country’s children. Investigations Editor Neil Mackay looks at the depressing findings and at the human suffering that lies behind the statistics' Poverty: the damning facts
5,000 child sex slaves in the UK
'More than 5,000 children are being forced to work as sex slaves in the UK, including thousands trafficked to this country by criminal gangs.'
Sex traffic: Danielle was 15 when she was sold into slavery

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