Monday, February 26, 2007

The Military

US funds terrorists

In original reports by Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Associated Press, and Gannett News Service, the below accused 9/11 hijackers have been named as having trained at U.S. military bases:

Saeed Alghamdi (United Airlines 93)
Ahmed Alnami (United Airlines 93)
Ahmed Alghamdi (United Airlines 175)
Hamza Alghamdi (United Airlines 175)
Mohamed Atta (American Airlines 11)
Abdulaziz Alomari (American Airlines 11)

"He went on, 'I can say that President Bush is lying when he says he does not want Iraq to be partitioned. All the facts occurring now on the ground make you swear he is dragging Iraq to partition'.... Nasrallah said he believed that America also wanted to bring about the partition of Lebanon and of Syria. In Syria, he said, the result would be to push the country ‘into chaos and internal battles like in Iraq.’ In Lebanon, ‘There will be a Sunni state, an Alawi state, a Christian state, and a Druze state.’... Partition would leave Israel surrounded by ‘small tranquil states,’ he said. ‘I can assure you that the Saudi kingdom will also be divided, and the issue will reach to North African states. '" permanent link

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