Friday, February 02, 2007


"Increased temperatures will make Southern European beach destinations, such as Majorca and Ibiza, too hot for many travellers... In Florida beaches may be lost to rising seas with ever-more powerful hurricanes threatening property and people." Sustainable Travel: Climate change to drive radical changes in ...

Reporters without borders (press release) - The failure of the police investigation into the 2001 murder of Sunday World reporter Martin O’Hagan, and continuing deaths threats to several colleagues ... United Kingdom - Annual report 2007

"Following the fate of previous investigations for other assassins of prominent intellectuals and activists, there is not much hope that this inquiry will go deep enough to discover the real criminal elements." Hrant Dink's Death

Scientists issue dire climate change warnings

Nuclear-armed Iran would not be very dangerous, says Chirac
"Beheading Plot" Latest Terror Merry-Go-Round
"The Canadian oil sands are of a comparable size to Saudi reserves, and the Americans intend to suck them dry. Since the environmental effects of this won’t go over well with the increasingly green Canadian electorate, Canada will have to give up the last vestiges of its sovereignty."

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