Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hors d'oeuvre

Blair's government

"As an hors d'oeuvre before Sunday's false flag mind control TV broadcast journalism featuring the BBC main course of unhealthy propaganda mind food, try this Google video of Webster Tarpley: Synthetic Terror 9/11 - Made in the USA. A presentation of the means, opportunity, motive and method behind false flag terrorism." News :: RE: Litmus test for BBC - Tomorrow's 9/11 documentary

NATO/EU Globalist Crimes & Media Lies Exposed: BBC Bigotry and ...
aangirfan: BBC links to MI6?

9 11

9 11

The World Bank: Losing Perspective

Bloody Campbells?
"An overwhelming majority of Liberal Democrat voters are in favour of a referendum and that the largest group of Liberal Democrat voters actually want Alex Salmond as first minister rather than their own leader. So I don't think they are on the strongest ground and it is hardly liberal or democratic to suggest that people shouldn't have a choice in the matter." Robertson calls for SNP - Lib Dem coalition
Lib Dems move to block Scots independence referendum

Fine photos of Indonesia

Drug gangs in the UK
Blair's Britain

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