Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance

Michael Ruppert confronts CIA director about Drug Laundering

The next king of Scotland?

"Coca-Cola's bottling plant in Essen increased its profitability considerably because, in Hitler's state, workers 'were little more than serfs forbidden not only to strike, but to change jobs,' driven 'to work harder [and] faster' while their wages 'were deliberately set quite low.'
In Nazi Germany, real wages indeed declined rapidly, while profits increased correspondingly, but there were no labour problems worth mentioning, for any attempt to organize a strike immediately triggered an armed response by the Gestapo... This was the case in GM's Opel factory in Rüsselsheim in June 1936... As... Otto Jenssen wrote after the war, Germany's corporate leaders were happy 'that fear for the concentration camp made the German workers as meek as lapdogs.' The owners and managers of American corporations with investments in Germany were no less enchanted, and if they openly expressed their admiration for Hitler — as did the chairman of General Motors, William Knudsen, and ITT-boss Sosthenes Behn — it was undoubtedly because he had resolved Germany's social problems in a manner that benefited their interests." USA and NAZI Germany -- business details

CCTV footage of London bomb attempt 21/07/05

"Today principals lack the tools they used to have for dealing even with the unruliest kids. Formerly, they could expel such kids permanently or send them to special schools for the hard-to-discipline. The special schools have largely vanished, and state education laws usually don't allow for permanent expulsion." Who Killed School Discipline? by Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal ...

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