Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Photo from http://www.ahistoryofgreece.com/november17.htm


"NATO - together with the intelligence services of the West European countries and the Pentagon - utilised secret armies during the Cold War, hired spies among the extreme right wing, and organized terrorist acts for which they blamed the left. Becoming aware of this, we can wonder about what is likely to happen today behind our back."
NATO’s Hidden Terrorism

'CIA and Mossad are Behind the Hrant Dink Murder'

"It has been written that the Junta of April 21 was overthrown because they refused to allow the US to put nuclear weapons on bases in Elefsina and Crete." http://www.ahistoryofgreece.com/november17.htm

"In the recent explosions in Iraq we have found the hands of the Saudis.... The new American plan... is war between Sunnis and Shi'ites...Now, regarding the Saudis: I believe the Arab countries are in for a great shock coming from their people very soon... The Kumelah Party (Kurds) belongs to the Mossad." Interview: Hossein Shariatmadari

"When pensions minister James Purnell appeared on Newsnight, viewers were mystified by the 'easy ride' he was given by... Jeremy Paxman. Licence payers complained to the BBC that Mr Purnell had been allowed to 'get off lightly' instead of being thoroughly grilled over the nation's pensions crisis. Now it has emerged that the BBC has held an inquiry into the role of Newsnight producer Thea Rogers, who booked Mr Purnell to appear on the show - and who just happened to be in the middle of a fling with him at the time."
Minister's fling with BBC girl who booked him for Newsnight

"Witness the "velvet divorce" between the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1999. Its astounding success has left citizens in both countries satisfied and still friends."
Why breaking up could be the making of us

Sack Ming
Sir Ming rules out LibDem agreement with SNP

"Just as Steinmeier was trying play a part in shaping the future of the world, the past abruptly caught up with him - in particular, the question of whether as head of the chancellery under the former government of Gerhard Schröder, he bears responsibility for the fact that Murat Kurnaz - a Turkish citizen born and raised in Germany - sat for years in Guantanamo, when he could have returned home to his family in Bremen." Pressure Mounts on German Foreign Minister in Guantanamo Hearings


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