Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rich Jewish History


Petition For 9/11 Truth On Prime Minister's Website

Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading, the Marconi Scandal and the Balfour Declaration.

Military terror in Thailand?
"The New Year's Eve bombings will provide strong new justification for the establishment of the ...'Special Operations Force', a new secretive security force comprised of army and police ... which critics fear will be mobilized to ferret out and crush political dissent against military rule... Elements inside the Thai military itself had as much - if not more – political motivation than other potential actors for launching the crude and deadly attacks." Thai bombs expose dangerous new divide

Moscow / Gazprom - the saliviki are on the march -...

"Belarus has the richest Jewish history. Whether it is David Mayer-Lanski or David Sarnoff, Isaac Asimov or Menachem Begin, Irving Berlin or Eliayahu Golomb, Kirk Douglas or Gwyneth Paltrow, Haim Weizmann, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, Shimon Peres, Marc Chagall, Micgel Kikoine, the Chofetz Chaim, Bielski brothers, and the first Lubavitcher Rebbe - they were born or have roots in Belarus or within 50 miles of its current borders...." Places to Go

Minsk, Belarus

Where is the real Saddam?

Saddam Hussein's wife and his teeth


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