Thursday, January 11, 2007



“The pressure Siti had to go through as the third wife turned her into a lesbian."
One woman too many

President Sukarno refused to become an American puppet.
"Indonesia 1958...A CIA plane bombed the Ambon marketplace, killing a large number of civilians on their way to church on Ascension Thursday....Three days later, during another bombing run over Ambon, a CIA pilot, Allen Lawrence Pope, was shot down and captured."
Indonesia 1957-1958 KH

Israel Has Lost

Democrats Feel Liberals' Antiwar Heat

"The U.S. government has taken the action of destabilizing a popularly elected government in favor of helping remnants of the very warlords that killed American soldiers in 1993, to the cost of the Somali people who had finally found peace and stability after years of civil war and bloodshed."

At least he's our SOB - well one of them

Paris Hilton - questions 9/11 - Hustler - Amazing...

U.S. behind reign of terror sweeping Philippines

Seventeen Adam Air pilots resigned


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