Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nazi America and Europe?

Reportedly, in the middle of World War II, Allen Dulles, later to become CIA director, secretly met Nazi SS leaders and gave them virtually the entire American battle plan for Europe.
Patterns of Force

After World War II - "In West Germany... the new Chancellor was Konrad Adenauer who collaborated with the Nazis as Mayor of Cologne. His Secretary of State was Hans Globke who, as head of the Office of Jewish Affairs under Hitler, drafted the lethal anti-Jewish laws which paved the way for the Final Solution. And Reinhard Gehlen, who had been Hitler's chief of intelligence on the Eastern Front (the Soviet Union), eventually became head of West German intelligence after having first worked with the U.S. government at the Pentagon."
Toward An American Revolution - c5 ( by Jerry Fresia)

Death Squads and drugs - "Gehlen was just one of 5,000 SS and Gestapo Nazis who, with the assistance of key U.S. government officials like Dulles, were able to find safe refuge outside of Germany. Many of the most sadistic killers such as Josepf Mengele were protected by the United States in their effort to escape justice. Many would develop links with neo-fascist elements in the military or interior ministries of Latin American countries (particularly in Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Peru) and collaborate with the CIA in repressive operations against the Left. And many found their way into the U.S. intelligence system, including, for a time, Adolf Eichmann and Klaus Barbie. Peter Dale Scott concludes that one legacy of the U.S.-Nazi collaboration 'is the system of Death Squads now operative in Central America. Another has been the involvement of men like Barbie and their political clients in the highly organized Latin American drug traffic.''' Toward An American Revolution - c5

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