Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life After Death

Deborah Blum, in her book 'GHOST HUNTERS - William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death', tells us about Leonora Piper.
Leonora Piper could apparently speak to 'the spirit world'.
In 1889, the family of philosopher William James had a meeting with Leonora Piper. William James's Aunt Kate had been ill and James's wife, Alice, asked Leonora about Aunt Kate's health.
Speaking in the voice of her spirit control, Leonora Piper said, 'Why Aunt Kate's here. All around me I hear voices saying, 'Aunt Kate has come.'''
Leonora then explained that Aunt Kate had died early that morning.
A few hours later a telegram arrived telling the James family that Aunt Kate had indeed just died.
Leonora Piper traveled to London and met the physicist Oliver Lodge.
Oliver Lodge asked a distant uncle, Robert, to send by mail something belonging to Robert’s long-dead twin brother.
Leonora Piper touched the gold watch that Robert had been sent and was then able to name the twin brothers and relate a story from their childhood about a near drowning and the killing of a cat; only the twins would have known these stories.
On other occasions, Leonora Piper was able to:
(1) name the father of a man who was presented to her nameless and with his face hooded,
(2) tell people where to find things they didn't even know were lost,
(3) give accurate information about someone after having been given a lock of hair by a visitor who didn't know whose head it had come from.
Remarkably there was once a 'three-way psychic relay between Piper in London, a classics lecturer who practiced "automatic" (spirit-directed) writing in Cambridge and (strangely enough) a sister of writer Rudyard Kipling who also did automatic writing in Calcutta, India. Instructions communicated via Piper in Greek and Latin (she knew neither language) seemed to have been understood by the entities communicating via the classics lecturer and the lady in India.'


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