Monday, January 29, 2007

Doubts about our leaders

Abu Omar
"In 1995, Omar was... approached by the CIA, who asked if he was prepared to cooperate with the US intelligence services.... Four years ago, Muslim cleric Abu Omar was kidnapped in Italy by US intelligence agents... In Egypt, attempts were evidently made to enlist his cooperation with promises that he would be returned immediately to Italy. When he turned down the offer, he was thrown in prison and tortured."
Italian court considers trial against CIA agents in rendition case
"A spying scandal involving the deputy editor of a national newspaper has shed light on the murky dealings between reporters and the intelligence service... Farina admitted to receiving about €30,000 - plus free World Cup tickets - in the two years he was an agent."
The editor who spooked Italy

Enemies waging psychological war on Iran to make it capitulate ...

Your Papers Please

The Ricin Plot

School: Israeli history v Palestinian history

Invisible Colonization

655,000 dead Iraqis (Genocide in all but name) pt1

Veteran peace protester sent to jail despite prisons crisis

"I want to break the conspiracy of silence," Clark said. "9/11 is the exclamation point to everything. Sept. 11 is the excuse for all of our civil-liberty compromises and the war."
9/11, Iraq cause some to question our leaders

YouTube to Share Revenue With Users

"The strangest club in the world? - Fugitive banker and drug smuggler Robert Vesco, reportedly working for the CIA; Agha Abedi, founder and head of the BCCI; BCCI shareholder Salem Bin Laden, the older brother of Osama, whose small plane crashed when the BCCI scandal came out; Permindex founder Mortimer Bloomfield, who was a SOE-CIA-FBI Division Five and likely Mossad agent, here talking to David Ben Gurion; and 1001 Club member Mobutu Sese Seko, the anti-communist dictator of Zaire, having a laugh with Prince Bernhard, the 1001's head."


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