Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christian terrorists in Somalia

UN troops roast a boy. Privates Claude Baert and Kurt Coelus, the two paratroopers photographed dangling the Somali child over a flame, were acquitted by a military court

The following is extracted from WorldNetDaily: Those U.N. peacekeeping atrocities

"The London Telegraph, in a combined dispatch with AFP, reported that Belgian troops roasted a Somali boy...

"A sergeant is suspected of having murdered a Somali whom he was photographed urinating upon.

"Another child, accused of stealing food from the paratroopers' base, died after being locked in a storage container for 48 hours.

"Fifteen other members of the same regiment were investigated in 1995 for 'acts of sadism and torture' against Somali civilians.

"In 1995, a group of Canadian paratroopers were investigated for torturing a Somali to death and killing three others...

"Gruesome photos were published in a Milan magazine of Italian soldiers torturing a Somali youth and abusing and raping a Somali girl...

"According to one witness, Italian soldiers tied a young Somali girl to the front of an armored personnel carrier and raped her while officers looked on...

"The South China Morning Post published an AFP report about an Italian battalion commander who sexually abused and strangled a 13-year-old Somali boy.

"There are also allegations that, in 1993, Italian soldiers beat seven suspected Somali thieves, killing one; that they beat to death a 14-year-old boy who sold a false medal and beat a couple in a car...

"An Italian paratrooper was quoted as saying: 'What's the big deal? They are just niggers anyway."'



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