Monday, January 22, 2007


Iran reportedly offered to help stablilise Iraq

"Independence would revitalise the country as a dynamic small economy in the mould of Ireland or some Baltic states... The SNP says Scotland has been in surplus for 25 years... The SNP promises an enterprise-friendly economic policy. It would reduce corporation tax to 20 per cent, lower business rates, cut red tape and have a 'proactive' immigration policy. It argues that it could aspire to a 4 per cent growth rate like other small European economies, rather than the 1.7 per cent seen today." Break-up of Union will sell both sides short

Ireland - NI police collusion 'confirmed'

Sinn Féin: Collusion - Time for the truth about state sanctioned ...

British “Pond Life” Intel Ops Unmentioned in the Corporate Media

Gordon Kerr at

The Kincora Affair was about the sexual abuse of young boys in Kincora boys home in Belfast. "Loyalist paramilitary leader William McGrath, who had links to British intelligence, was believed to have organised sex sessions with young boys for SENIOR POLITICIANS, civil servants and MILITARY personal."

"The Kincora Scandal first broke on 3 April 1980 when three staff members of the Kincora Boys Home, Belfast, were charged with acts of gross indecency. Allegations continued to be made that elements of the security service, civil servants and a number of Loyalists had been involved in the abuse of young boys at Kincora." CAIN: Chronology of the Conflict 1982

Kincora Boys


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