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Livre: La saga Dutroux


Street Children of Kabul, Afghanistan

'My father was still involved in the military at that time. Most of my clients were army, army men, and I actually had regulars at that age."
Ritual Abuse

Sex slavery taints Wilberforce anniversary

"Finnegan’s investigations in Jakarta uncovered the names of a number of the highest level diplomatic personnel, to include two senior CIA agents... Finnegan interviewed dozens of boys and their procurers, took pictures of U.S. visitors to assignation parlors, planted tape recorders where they could do the most good and photographed satiated visitors upon their exits."
Voice of the White House January 1, 2007

"Among the names that Cools promised to present evidence on were Dick Cheney, Neil Bush..."
aangirfan: Marc Dutroux

Able Danger
CNN: 9/11 Cover Up ?

"Lower and middle class families are slowly turning out to be the biggest losers of current globalisation. The United States, like ancient Rome, is beginning to be plagued by the limits of its power."
'Why the US should be worried'

Jimmy Walters is a millionaire who discovered the 9/11 unanswered questions and created this extensive video..... Confronting the Evidence
Confronting the Evidence - p2
Confronting the Evidence - p3
Confronting the Evidence - p4
Confronting the Evidence - p5

Who controls Australia?
AUSTRALIA'S spy agency was tricked by Israel into believing Bob Hawke was the target of a Palestinian assassination plot, the former Palestinian ambassador to Australia said today.ASIO 'tricked on Hawke plot'

street kid

Street kids Ukraine

Interview with Pastor Joseph Aristal


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