Monday, December 18, 2006



The Death of The Internet?

'You' named Time's person of 2006

"Kissinger Fingerprints All Over Suspicious Pre-911 Money Movements"

Tick Tock - Burrito Sabanero

LSD tests on British troops

Mark Phillips EX CIA- Interview Part 1
Mark Phillips Ex CIA- Part 2

"The worst mistake the Turks have made is invoking US support."
Despite the chorus of pious hope, Turkey is not going to join the ...

Air war costs NATO Afghan supporters

Envoy Calls for Stronger Riyadh-Tehran Relations

Speaking to the Sunday Express from his home in the south of France, Richard Tomlinson 'was furious with the way his evidence appeared in Lord Stevens’s report.' He said: 'The report put words in my mouth that I never used. I gave them detailed information about the Milosevic plan for an assassination. They told me in a subsequent interview they had checked and found the document outlining the plan exactly where I said it was. They confirmed it was accurate. However, in the Stevens report it is claimed I admitted that the plan did not refer to Milosevic but to someone else. This is a crude attempt by the intelligence service to cover up the truth.'''

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