Thursday, December 21, 2006

Targeting civilians


We let THEM rule our land!

Bombing civilians from the air

Venice Florida!

Linking to copyrighted material could get you sued

"The South African government had separate beaches, but they didn’t drop bombs on families trying to take some comfort there. They created bantustans, but they didn’t drop bombs on civilian houses in those bantustans, or fire tank shells at groups of school children. They didn’t use their army to conduct long campaigns of violent mayhem against civilians, farms, infrastructure, and businesses. They didn’t make up bogus reasons to attack the civilian population of their neighbors, and then try to insult our intelligence by claiming it was in ‘self-defense’."

"A bogus human rights advocacy group known as ‘Human Rights Watch’"

The evidence used to prosecute Jack Thomas consisted solely of an interview conducted in a Pakistani military prison. [3] Despite claims that the evidence was obtained under duress and that Thomas had been tortured, the judge deemed the interview to be admissible. The conviction was overturned on appeal by the Victorian Court of Appeal. Joseph Thomas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Justice For Jack
CIA control of Australia?
Interviews land Thomas in a retrial

France keeping terror threat in mind ahead of presidential vote

Put Them In A Detention Camp !!!

Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, who conducted the inquiries into the Lockerbie bombing, was last night facing criminal charges after an alleged incident on an aircraft. Peer held over 'air rage'

Statement by Dr. Hans Koechler, international observer of the ...

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