Sunday, December 17, 2006



"The state fire marshal has officially ruled out criminal conduct as the cause of last week's massive explosion at a Danvers ink and paint plant." "Nuts in Phoenix, Arizona, sent packages feared to contain lethal ricin and anthrax to British businesses based in the USA."
'This reeks absolutely of MI6/MI5 disinformation.'

UK Police
Before she was murdered, Paula Clennell pointed the finger at a senior policeman punter, the News of the World revealed. "The officer — who works for a neighbouring constabulary — was a regular client to her AND one of the Suffolk Strangler's other victims.... An insider told us: 'The detectives asked Paula to list her clients. She told them that one of her regulars was a senior police officer with another force who she shared with one of the other girls. She revealed that she visited him at a house in Suffolk."' EXCLUSIVE: Strangler victim's client was top cop

DRUGS AND VICE SECRET OF TOP COP'S DAUGHTER...THE daughter of a senior policeman is working as a £120-an-hour hooker and selling cocaine to clients. DRUGS AND VICE SECRET OF TOP COP'S DAUGHTER

CCTV pictures - 7/7 Bombers - Plod releases incred...

General Reveals Residual Neocon-Likudnik Haunting at Pentagon

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