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Maria Eva - Indonesia Matters



"Alexander Litvinenko, 43, of Osier Close, Muswell Hill, took his pledge to the Queen under the name of Edwin Carter on October 23. He gave his address as care of the Home Office... Arsenal's Emirates Stadium also became embroiled in the radiation probe."
Poisoned spy in citizenship event month before death

Radiation find in British embassy

Illiterate children in England.
"Standards in key subjects have fallen or remained the same in a staggering one in three schools. This means that up to 250,000 children are embarking on their secondary school careers without having properly mastered the basics in reading, writing, maths and science." Britain's real school report

Education in Scotland
"Some 31% of the workforce in Scotland has achieved an HNC-level qualification or higher, while the figure for England is 26%, Wales 24% and Northern Ireland 23%. Some 50% of the working population in Scotland is qualified to at least further education level." Scottish Business Briefing - December 5

"Moslem Indonesia has a sex scandal, due to a widely circulating video of one of the country's most powerful politicians in a hotel room with a popular singer. Mr Zaini is the head of the religious affairs committee for the Golkar political party.The singer, Maria Eva, has admitted making the film."
Lawmaker summoned to explain sex tape
INDONESIA: Top Golkar official quits over sex video
Maria Eva - Indonesia Matters

"Indonesia is to reactivate its grass-roots domestic spy network . Critics see this as a return to the oppressive polices of the Suharto era. Indonesia is run by a former Suharto General, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Key positions in government are held by members of the American-trained military."

25,000 families still homeless in tsunami-ravaged Aceh: Oxfam

"After being released very early from jail, a judges' panel at the South Jakarta District Court decided that PT Timor Putra Nasional (the car factory owned by Tommy Suharto) is the legal owner of a bank account worth almost Rp1.3 trillion." victory walks hand in hand with Tommy

Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google

Actor James Brolin Latest Celebrity To Publicly Doubt 9/11

David Lynch Goes Public With 9/11 Questions

Carlyle focuses on private Chinese firms

"Consumer debt is now approaching £1.2 trillion, practically identical to the gross domestic product of the UK as a whole. Consumer debt has underpinned the economic boom, but the legacy for so many families will be disaster. Nearly a fifth of all income is now being used to service debt. That means it is back to the level it was when the economy crashed under the Conservatives in the early 1990s." - Sir Menzies Campbell. BBC NEWS Politics Brown Budget 'missed opportunity'

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