Sunday, December 10, 2006

In other countries there would be uproar.


"THE suicide victim whose blood was mixed with samples taken from Princess Diana’s chauffeur has been identified."
Diana driver riddle solved

Nona: Diana and the security services

aangirfan: Diana, Lord Stevens and IOPS

Sexpionage-child-abuse: Andanson, Beregovoy, Diana

Street Children of Kinshasa

"Google insiders unloaded $182.1 million in the four weeks. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt and its co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have usually led the insider-selling parade with sales of hundreds of millions as the stock rose steadily to break the $500 mark."
Top-Level Insiders Selling Their Stock

Report: Private Saudi citizens funding Iraqi insurgents

Iraq report aside, US must stay, Bush says

Britain is being sold off at a rate unprecedented in modern times. If the foreign takeover bids announced or hinted at over the past few months all go through, airports, ships, banks, gas pipelines, stock exchanges, chemical plants and glass factories will fall into foreign ownership. Yet there is no debate; scarcely an eyebrow is raised. In any other country there would be uproar” (Guardian February 17 2006) Selling Britain’s Corporate Crown Jewels.

One of Scotland’s most strategic corporations is being auctioned off to a foreign corporation. As foreigners continue to snap up UK businesses, economic sovereignty is snapped up as well. It makes one wonder: Where are all those loyal sons of Scotland who charged the fields at Bannockburn to repel foreign invasion? Scotland: Sold to the Highest Bidder

BBC News23 October 2006 : The drug crime rate in Dumfries has more than doubled from last year according to the latest police figures for supply and possession offences.

Scotland: Worst in Scotland for drugs - Dumfries and Galloway?

Nona: British 13-year-olds selling drugs for the CIA?

Rare TV NEWS report about WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge

An 80-hour week for 5p an hour: the real price of high-street fashion

Who Murdered Dr David Kelly ? Was it Msr Scarlett ...

A study by three UK universities shows that 80 per cent of the media followed "the government line" on Iraq
Setting the limits of invasion journalism

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