Saturday, December 16, 2006



Police interrogate Tony Blair - tape leaked in pub...

Malta ranks as one of safest locations in world

Amalgam Virgo

'A national security ministry based on the lines of Hitler's 1933 putsch of the State and judiciary is under way'
Stepping the change - Bridging the gap - Spooks fl...

1989 - Callboys in Bush Sr's Whitehouse

1989 - Callboys in Bush Sr's Whitehouse p2

JFK speech about secret societies

9. Kant's Criticisms of Utilitarianism

'Republican Senator John McCain has introduced legislation that would fine blogs up to $300,000 for offensive statements, photos and videos posted by visitors on comment boards, effectively nixing the open exchange of ideas on the Internet, providing a lethal injection for unrestrained opinion, and acting as the latest attack tool to chill freedom of speech on the world wide web.'

U.S. soldiers lead Iraq children in obscene chant

Knighthood for Gordon's wealthy Jewish friend and New Labour benefactor Sir Ronald Cohen Too much news to handle today,

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