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Eckhart Tolle



Eckhart Tolle writes about making people happy. He writes about spirituality.

He says that we should focus on the present moment, the 'now'. Consider the Lilies and how they grow; they don't worry about the past or future.

The past and future are only thoughts in the mind. We should not cling on to the 'past'.

By being consciously present in the 'now', we are more likely to enjoy the future.

It is the selfish ego that worries unnecessarily about the past and the future.

'Being in the now' helps bring about:

1. an awareness of things beyond 'the mind'

2. an awareness of the spiritual

3. an awareness of the links between ourselves and all things

4. an awareness of how to overcome pain

5. an awareness of how to deal with the selfish ego and stop worrying about status.

Eckart explains:

1. You are not your thoughts. You are the awareness behind the thoughts.

Awareness of your thoughts without being caught up in them is the first step to freedom.

2. Be aware of your negative thoughts. Free yourself from your negative thoughts. Enjoy your experience of the 'now'.

3. Accept the present moment. Accept any feelings. Don't try to ignore them. Acceptance does not mean that you cannot take action to improve the situation you are in. Actions you take should arise from deep awareness. The vast majority of pain in a person's life comes from resistance to what is.

Eckhart Tolle is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition.

Influences on Tolle include the writings of Meister Eckhart, Advaita Vedanta, A Course in Miracles and Zen Buddhism's Lin-chi (Rinzai) school. One of his books also interprets sayings of Jesus from the Bible.

Eckhart writes: "The way of the cross is the old way to enlightenment.... Enlightenment consciously chosen means to relinquish your attachment to past and future... How much more time do you think you will need before you are able to say, 'I will create no more pain, no more suffering?"'

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