Friday, December 01, 2006

Deception and truth



The mainstream media, the internet and conspiracies.

Sadr bloc suspends role in government, parliament

Weapons Of Mass Deception

Truth about the Iraq War

MI5's dangerous ascendancy in North

Simon Jenkins on Scottish independence

Thai farmer: 'Thaksin helped us

'Samples of Di’s driver belonged to a suicide victim

The Chinese model, whereby website owners have to obtain government permission to run a blog... RIAA Legal Ruling Could Shut Down The Internet

UN troops face child abuse claims

"Litvinenko also met with three Russians at the Pine Bar at the Millennium Hotel – one of the Russians, an ex-KGB officer named Andrei Lugovoi, was a strong-arm type in his KGB days, a bodyguard to big-time Russian politicians like Yegor Gaider."
The Litvinenko Mystery


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